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Great things about Investing in a Mini Asphalt Mixing Plant


A mini asphalt mixing plant is described as its small size, that gives it an edge over other larger mixing plants. They boast a capacity of about 40-60 t/h normally. During its operation, the bitumen and aggregate are treated separately, to get a limited time, then later combined in a mixer to obtain the finished product.

Here are the benefits that come with purchasing a mini asphalt mixing plant:


A mini asphalt mixing plant is appropriate where user must relocate to various sites. In cases like this, stationary plants will not be the best option due to the economics of starting a plant on each site. For contractors planning to move five times each year, a mini asphalt mixing plant would have been a viable option.

Shorter Process, Shorter Time

With all the right type of personnel, this plant requires a short period of time to put together. The assembly and dissembling process is not difficult because only a few detachable parts are involved. The unique design taken up by most mini asphalt mixing plants decreases the overall production process.

The dryer drum and mixing drum are combined in the style of the plant. Productivity is increased, and plenty of time is saved together with the simplified process.

Multistage Dust Collecting System

For mini asphalt mixing plants, these people have a multistage algorithm for collecting dust. This enables dust to get recycled as outlined by size in stages. The raw material is usually available, and its particular quality is perfectly up to standard. To get a busy project site, the raw material is continuously needed. As such, a mini asphalt mixing plant can be used. Because the process leads to the drying drum, bitumen is continually sprayed with the drum rotating. This, in turn, gives a continuous output.

Low Purchase Cost

For small budgets, it could seem sensible to transform to this particular mixing plant. Their reduced size means they have low production costs. It could, therefore, be economically viable to acquire several mini asphalt plants for a number of sites.

Low Maintenance Cost

Maintenance costs also come into account before purchasing a mixing plant. A mini asphalt mixing plant is cheap to preserve as it isn’t complex in structure.


Equipment that lasts longer is way better and is also often preferred on the rest. A mini asphalt mixing plant often features a dryer drum lined with anti-weary material, which extends the equipment’s lifespan. The chromium alloy blades and liners also increase life-span.

Quality, Uniformity, and Control

To make certain that a uniform product is obtained, the mixer drum has small mixing blades welded inside. The inputs to get controlled could be monitored through the operating table provided. For convenient control and to save the operating costs, the semi-auto mode is engaged, due to the measure of automation incorporated.

Space and Special Applications

You will find special times when space is restricted, especially in urban areas. The reality that these mixing plants are small where you can modular design, rendering them popular for such applications. They could also be used in rural locations where low-grade roads are needed within a short period of time.

Have you been considering to acquire a mixing plant? A mini asphalt mixing plant offers benefits, including low maintenance costs and shorter set-up time.

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