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October 15, 2009 at 11:47 am

Melanie says:

To all you fools who keep repeating that it is natural that people prefer people within their own race, then why is it that non-white women for example even prefer white men over their “own” men? And even some non-White men for white women? Is it that white people are just generally better looking, and more inherently better mates than other races, or could it be because we live in a white dominated society that states “white is right”? Honestly, i could care less if whites prefer one another. What i find disturbing is that even non-Whites prefer each other. Actually, i think that minorities should really think about this preference for white people and try to understand where it comes from. We are not all “naturally” predisposed to find the almighty white man to be the most attractive, so spare me that nonsense.


Also, if you think about it, shouldn’t Asian Men be the best mates for women? They’re not only financially successful with the highest median income, but they also have the lowest crime rate, lowest obesity, higher IQ’s, etc. But for what ever reason, they come dead last. Why is that? Is it because perhaps Asian men aren’t perceived by others to be “sexy”, “attractive”, and a better mate due to their lack of positive representation in the media? When was the last time an Asian man had a leading role in a movie? I wonder what exactly the media is scared of showcasing. I guess they know if they showcased a Takeshi Kansherio hunk, or Dennis Oh type guys that they’d have no chance, huh? So they’d rather people think that Asian men can’t be hunks


To the Black women thing. It’s pretty much the same as Asian men, except that Black women ARE in the media ALOT, but unfortunately, the representation is mostly negative. When people see a Black woman, they think ghetto, loud, rude, “Shaniqua” and for that Black woman to overcome those stereotypes, she needs to be some sort of goddess, Halle Berry type beauty combined with an Ivy League education and a 140 IQ. In other words, she needs to be extra extra ordinary, unless she’s just another “unattractive Black girl”. I see the type of Black girls that are universally found to be attractive, and they are usually EXTREMELY gorgeous, whilst the Jennifer Manniston and Jessica Man Jaw Simpsons of the world are easily declared as “hot” because they have blonde hair with white skin that is the “ideal”. Uh-huh..

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