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Train your logical thinking

We live in a dual world – a world like a coin: heads on one side and tails on the other. Or: matter – spirit. Science - Religion. Body Soul. If you try to unite these two sides in one world view, things grind to a halt. Not just because it's admittedly difficult. But also because when you try to understand this duality, one taboo after the other gets in the way. For many "experts of the material world" - physicists, technicians - it is not a contradiction at all to also be spiritual or religious. And clergymen also readily rely on technology and have long since stopped fighting science, as they did in Galileo's time. Peaceful coexistence reigns as long as the world remains as dual as a coin, sides neatly parted...

Logical thinking goes hand in hand with creative problem solving and computer programming. That's why we've collected the best sites where you can train this skill in a fun way.

Logic games like jigsaw puzzles, memory games and riddles train your brain in a pleasant way. They also help you to gradually formalize your thinking, which will come in handy if you want to work as a programmer. So if you're thinking about starting a career in programming, we encourage you to play some of these games and boost your logical thinking skills!

Also, these types of games are a great option when you're bored at home. During your lunch break or if you just want to spend hours scrolling social media, these games are a better idea to add some variety to your day. They help keep your mind alert and also improve your concentration, memory and information processing speed.

I, on the other hand, have always been fascinated by the transition: the bridge between these worlds. Finding them seemed essential to me. Because if the spirit, the soul, the consciousness or whatever we want to call it, is not just a product of an electrical process in the brain, but an independent entity, a kind of divine spark, then this bridge has to exist - and vice versa. How else does the soul find its way into the newly emerging body and out at the end of life? If we want to believe in the immortal soul, the world cannot be dualism. Then the two sides of the coin must be related somehow. But how to find the transition?

Take a look at our favorite logic games and try to fit them into your daily routine!

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