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Welcome to the Office Of Information Technology page of Texas College!


The Texas College Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides numerous services to the university, including both wired and wireless network, cabling infrastructure, telecommunications, internet services, and server maintenance and support. We are responsible for making sure that our students, faculty, staff, and administrators have access to reliable, high-quality technology services. 


It is our goal to address the needs of our campus and deliver high quality, reliable services, and to continuously evaluate and improve the efficiency and availability of those services to assist in fulfilling the college's mission and to better serve the needs of the campus.



IT Help Desk

Hours: M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone:  903-593-8311 Ext. 2315



This page will cover knowledge base articles pertaining to technology and how to use technology. Also there will be general troubleshooting tips to help maintain your technology equipment. The Office of Information Technology will provide helpful information for all Faculty, Staff and Students. 


General Cleaning tips

Please do not use any harsh cleaning solvents on electronic equipment directly. You may use disinfectant wipes and dusting tools to clean your equipment on a regular basis.
A good tip is to always keep any food items and liquids well away from your electronic equipment to avoid messy spills and possible malfunctions of equipment.
It is always a good idea to turn OFF your electronic equipment before you clean it to avoid any possible problems that may arise accidentally from possible keystrokes on the keyboard or mouse.

IT Help Desk Tickets

Most of the time problems can be resolved by following a few basic steps.

1st - Notate the problem for the IT Office.

2nd - Simply turning off your equipment, waiting a few seconds and turning it back on resolves the problem.

3rd - If the issue is not fixed, then contact the IT office via our automated help desk system called 'KACE', please send an email request for technical help to


If for some reason your technology equipment is completely non-responsive, then call our help desk at extension 2315 to received immediate help. These are general, basic troubleshooting steps to facilitate resolution to your issue.


Software updates

To all faculty and staff; On occasion there are software updates that may need to be installed on your computers. As a security measure, only personnel in the OIT can install updates. If your computer requires an update, please complete a KACE ticket and we can process the update. Most of these are a simple process of setting up an automated process. Some may require a member of OIT to come to your computer to complete the process. When completing your KACE ticket, please mention the update message that you received. We can set an automated process or download the update and come to your computer to install.


Voice Mail and setup

To all Faculty and Staff; If you look to the upper right of this page you will see a copy of the handbook for your phone. Please be sure to DELETE your voice mail and keep it cleared. If not it will fill up, you do have a limit as to the number of messages in your VM. Please delete VM when finished.



Step-by-Step Enrollment:

Click the link below for the step-by-step instructions.


Rest BioSig-ID Password:

Click the link below learn how you can self-reset your Bio-Sig-ID password.


If you are not receiving your password reset in your email, do the following steps.

Miss-placed email:

  1. If you are unable to locate your password reset email please check your junk/spam folder.
  2. If you still can't locate the email complete a search for all folders.
    1. Reset emails from BioSig-ID will contain the phrase "Reset your BioSig-ID".
    2. The sender will always be

No access to email:

BioSig-ID will not send a reset code to any email address other than what is on file with your institution.
If you do not have access to the email address on file with BioSig-ID you must...
  1. Update your email address with your institution.
  2. Gain access to the email address though their IT department.

Incorrect Email Address:

It is important to carefully compare the email address shown in the BioSig-ID window with the email address you are accessing.
Email on file within the instruction box during reset
The email address at first glance could appear to be correct, however occasionally email addresses are entered in error.
BioSig-ID will not send a reset code to any email address other than what is on file with your institution.

Still can't reset?

If you still can't reset your email address there may be email filtering enabled on your mailbox.
You can reach out to your institution and update the email address on file to something new if you feel this is the case, otherwise please consult your email administrator.


This document will show you how to use our Shoretel Phone Sytem.

(.pdf, 2363K)