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5V0-31.23 VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist Dumps

The VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist 5V0-31.23 exam is a pivotal step for IT professionals aiming to validate their expertise in deploying, managing, and operating VMware Cloud Foundation. Passing this exam grants the prestigious VCS-VCFD 2024 certification. To aid candidates in their preparation, Passcert's latest VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist 5V0-31.23 Dumps are tailored to align with the exam's objectives to help you best pass your exam successfully. These VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist 5V0-31.23 Dumps offer a comprehensive review of the necessary topics, enabling candidates to approach the exam with confidence.
VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist 5V0-31.23 Dumps

VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist

This exam tests a candidate's understanding of the capabilities of VMware Cloud Foundation and how to successfully plan, deploy, manage, and operate a VMware Cloud Foundation deployment. The VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist exam (5V0-31.23) which leads to VMware Certified Specialist - VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment certification is a 70-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Candidates are given an appointment time of 105 minutes, which includes adequate time to complete the exam for nonnative English speakers. This exam may contain a variety of item types including multiple-choice, multiple-selection multiplechoice, build-list, matching, drag-and-drop, pint-and-click and hot-area. Additional item types may be used but will appear less frequently than those previously mentioned.

Exam Information

Exam Code: 5V0-31.23
Exam Name: VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist
Language: English
Number of Questions: 70
Format: Single and Multiple Choice, Proctored
Duration: 105 Minutes
Passing Score: 300 (100-500)
Pricing: $250 USD
Product: VMware Cloud Foundation
Associated Certification: VCS-VCFD 2024

Exam Sections

Section 1 – IT Architectures, Technologies, Standards
Section 2 – VMware Solution
Section 3 – Plan and Design the VMware Solution
Section 4 – Install, Configure, Administrate the VMware Solution
Section 5 – Troubleshoot and Optimize the VMware Solution

Share VMware Cloud Foundation Deployment Specialist 5V0-31.23 Free Dumps

1. After upgrading the SDDC Manager and vCenter Server, which component should be upgraded next?
A. NSX-T Data Center
B. ESXi hosts
C. vRealize Suite
D. Aria Suite Lifecycle
Answer: A
2. What are the functions of vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor namespaces? 
A. Managing Kubernetes clusters
B. Virtual machine provisioning
C. Network virtualization
D. Providing isolation and access control for resources
Answer: A, D
3. During the SDDC Manager restore process, what is a critical consideration?
A. Restoring to the exact same version as the backup
B. Restoring to the latest available version
C. Ensuring all users are logged in
D. Restoring during peak system usage
Answer: A
4. Which is a critical role of vSphere Lifecycle Management in VMware Cloud Foundation?
A. Ensuring compliance with security standards
B. Providing real-time analytics and reporting
C. Streamlining the upgrade process of vSphere components
D. Managing physical infrastructure components
Answer: C
5. For control plane VM management networking, what is a crucial requirement?
A. Integrating with a content delivery network
B. Ensuring consistent low latency
C. Implementing network traffic shaping
D. Providing resilient network connections
Answer: D
6. How does VMware Cloud Builder automate the deployment process?
A. By manually installing each component 
B. Through scripted workflows
C. Utilizing physical installation media
D. Automating the configuration and orchestration of SDDC components
Answer: B, D
7. Which VMware solution is primarily used for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)?
A. VMware NSX
B. VMware Horizon
C. VMware vSphere
D. VMware Tanzu
Answer: B
8. In the upgrade process using Aria Suite Lifecycle, which component is typically upgraded first?
A. NSX-T Data Center
B. vCenter Server
C. ESXi hosts
D. vRealize Suite
Answer: D
9. Which Certificate Authority (CA. options are available in SDDC Manager?
A. Self-signed CA
B. Public CA
C. Enterprise CA
D. Online CA services
Answer: A, C
10. What are key components of VMware Cloud Foundation?
A. vSphere
C. Microsoft Azure
Answer: A, B, D
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