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HCIP-Collaboration V3.0 H11-861_V3.0-ENU Real Questions

HCIP-Collaboration certification has been considered the most desired and industry-recognized credential. PassQuestion offers all the HCIP-Collaboration V3.0 H11-861_V3.0-ENU Real Questions which are designed to steer your focus towards the most crucial and relevant topics, providing a comprehensive understanding that is needed to ensure your success in the H11-861_V3.0-ENU exams.  Our HCIP-Collaboration V3.0 H11-861_V3.0-ENU Real Questions enhance your skills and help you prepare on the pattern of the actual exam paper, which will bring the best preparation for your certification exam.

HCIP-Collaboration V3.0 Certification

Passing the HCIP-Collaboration V3.0 certification proves that you have systematically understood and mastered the technologies of audio and video, H.323 and SIP protocols, system networking design and implementation, system O&M, and troubleshooting in the collaboration field, and are capable of network design, O&M, and troubleshooting of Huawei video conferencing systems. With the HCIP-Collaboration V3.0 certification, you are qualified for positions such as technical engineers´╝îO&M engineers in the collaboration field.

Exam Information

Exam Name: HCIP-Collaboration(Written)
Exam Code: H11-861
Language: ENU/CHS
Question Type: Single Answer, Multiple Answer, True-false, Fill in the blank, Drag and drop
Fees: 300USD
Duration: 90min
Passing/Total score: 600 / 1000

Knowledge Content

Intelligent Collaboration Solution Overview    14%
IdeaHub Product Features, Industry Applications, and Basic Operations    6%
Audio Technology (Advanced Training)    7%
Video Technology (Advanced Training)    8%
SIP Protocol (Advanced Training)    14%
H.323 Protocol (Advanced Training)    15%
Networking Design and Implementation of the Video Conferencing System    15%
Video Conferencing System O&M and Troubleshooting    21%

View Online HCIP-Collaboration V3.0 H11-861_V3.0-ENU Free Questions

1. In the video conferencing system, other terminals have not joined the conference. If there is echo or howling when speaking at the local single site, which of the following options can be used by the local site to troubleshoot?
A. Is the sound cancellation processing algorithm abnormal?
B. Whether the mixer or audio matrix loops back the terminal output sound to the input
C. Confirm whether the gain of the local amplification equipment is too high.
D. Whether the speaker and microphone are close to each other.
Answer: C

2. Which of the following statements about Huawei collaboration solutions is correct?
A. In the SC remote disaster recovery scenario, if the SC proxy media, there is no need to add bandwidth between the primary and secondary sites for media proxy.
B. SMC and SC support dual machines, and smooth service switching can be achieved without interruption when a fault occurs.
C. No need to increase bandwidth in SMC dual-machine remote disaster recovery scenario
D. When using MCU resource pool backup, automatic cascading cannot be achieved.
Answer: B

3. Which of the following descriptions does not belong to the strategy of MCU audio mixing?
A. You can control the sound not to be sent to a certain terminal
B. It is not necessary to process the sound received from a certain terminal
C. Mix all venue sounds
D. Only mix the loudest channels
Answer: C

4. In the H.323 protocol, the last number 3 represents ( ).
A. Network based on B-ISDN
B. Based on a network with guaranteed service quality
C. Network based on packet transmission protocol
D. GSTN and wireless based networks
Answer: C

5. The SIP protocol is designed based on the C/S architecture. The network server in the SIP protocol usually refers to which of the following servers? (Multiple choice)
A. Proxy server
B. Register server
C. Session Server
D. Redirect server
Answer: ABD

6. What characteristics of video image color will the color rendering index affect? (Multiple choice)
A. light and dark
B. Clarity
C. Reducibility
D. Saturation
Answer: CD

7. Which of the following scenarios is the SVC conference of the SMC video conferencing system more suitable for? (Multiple choice)
A. Traditional executive meeting scene
B. The terminal used is a TE terminal
C. A relatively free academic exchange scene
D. New expansion of the original fully adapted conference site SVC conference terminal
Answer: ACD

8. Which of the following aspects can be tested in the audio remote loopback test of Huawei video terminals? (Multiple choice)
A. Local audio output link
B. Peer audio input link
C. Local audio encoding link
D. Local audio input link
Answer: ACD

9. Usually, the actual bandwidth occupied by video conferencing is higher than the meeting bandwidth. What are the possible reasons? (Multiple choice)
A. The IP data header occupies a certain bandwidth
B. UDP data header occupies a certain bandwidth
C. Signaling interaction data occupies a certain bandwidth
D. Packet loss and retransmission occupy a certain bandwidth
Answer: ABCD

10. Which of the following descriptions of the SIP protocol are correct? (Multiple choice)
A. SIP is a transport layer protocol
B. SIP is a protocol developed by IEIF for multimedia sessions.
C. The SIP protocol adopts a distributed architecture
D. SIP is an application layer protocol
Answer: BCD

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