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Mist AI Wired, Specialist (JN0-460) Exam Questions

JN0-460 Mist AI Wired, Specialist exam is a new exam for Juniper Networks Certified Specialist, Mist AI Wired (JNCIS-MistAI-Wired) certification. Passquestion provides top-high Mist AI Wired, Specialist (JN0-460) Exam Questions which cover all the necessary topics, thereby increasing your chances of mastering the JNCIS-MistAI-Wired certification exam on your initial attempt. By choosing to utilize the Mist AI Wired, Specialist (JN0-460) Exam Questions from Passquestion, you are equipping yourself with the necessary tools to excel in your real JN0-460 exam. Furthermore, you'll be able to navigate through the real exam with ease and confidence in your first attempt. The questions provided by Passquestion not only help you gauge your level of preparation but also give you a realistic glimpse of what to expect in the actual JN0-460 exam. 

Mist AI Wired, Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI-Wired)

The Mist AI track enables you to demonstrate a thorough understanding of general Mist AI features and functionality. JNCIS-MistAI-Wired, a specialist-level certification in this track, is designed for wired LAN networking professionals with intermediate knowledge of wired networking using the Mist AI. The written exam for the certification verifies your intermediate understanding of wired networking and Mist AI technology, features, and functionality.

Juniper JN0-460 Exam Information

Exam Code: JN0-460
Prerequisite Certification: JNCIA-MistAI
Delivered by Pearson VUE
Exam Length: 90 minutes
Exam Type: 65 multiple-choice questions

JNCIS-MistAI-Wired JN0-460 Exam Topics

Wired Assurance Fundamentals

Identify the concepts or functionality of Wired Assurance fundamentals.

  • Solutions
  • Supported devices
  • Features and components
  • MistAI accounts
  • Subscriptions

Wired Assurance Provisioning or Deployment

Identify the concepts of the provisioning or deploying wired assurance.

  • Provisioning process
  • Provisioning options
  • Deployment options
  • Configuration options
  • Templates
  • Supported architectures
  • Site variables

Describe how to provision or deploy wired assurance.

Wired Assurance Management or Operations

Identify the concepts or functionality of wired assurance management or operations.

  • Managing switches
  • Port profiles
  • Dynamic port configuration
  • Service level expectations
  • Client insights
  • APIs

Describe how to manage or operate devices using MistAI wired assurance.

Campus Fabric Architecture

Identify the concepts of Campus Fabric Architectures

  • EVPN multihoming
  • Campus Fabric Core-Distribution
  • Campus Fabric IP Clos
  • GPB and Micro segmentation
  • CRB versus ERB
  • Scaling requirements

Describe how to deploy Campus Fabric Architectures.


Identify the concepts or functionality of VXLAN

  • Layer 2 tunneling
  • Data and control plane operations
  • VTEP functions
  • VXLAN gateways

Identify the concepts or functionality of EVPN

  • Multipath
  • Route types
  • Ethernet Segment Identifiers
  • Route distinguishers
  • Route targets
  • Policies
  • Data and control plane operations
  • MAC learning

View Online Mist AI Wired, Specialist (JN0-460) Free Questions

1. What are three requirements for using ZTP during a Mist AI greenfield provisioning? (Choose three.)
A. Junos Space
B. Claim code
C. SNMP server
D. Internet access
E. DHCP server
Answer: B, D, E
2. A subscription within the MistAI platform primarily enables access to:
A. Basic device connectivity only
B. Advanced AI features and analytics
C. Physical network installation services
D. Traditional network management tools
Answer: B
3. Switch events are classified into which three severity levels? (Choose three.)
A. Bad
B. Critical
C. Neutral
D. Ignored
E. Good
Answer: A, C, E
4. You are using the Cloud Managed option as your Wired Assurance solution. In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)
A. Third party switches are supported.
B. You must enable SNMP on all switches.
C. All devices are configurable using Mist AI.
D. You must have a license.
Answer: C, D
5. From left to right, what is the correct hierarchical order of switch configuration priorities from least to most preferred?
A. Site Configuration, Org-level template, Switch Settings
B. Site Configuration, Switch Settings, Org-level template
C. Switch Setting, Site Configuration, Org-level template
D. Org-level template, Site Configuration, Switch Settings
Answer: D
6. Where should you activate and manage your Mist subscriptions?
A. At the site-level
B. At the organization-level
C. At the device-level
D. At the template-level
Answer: B
7. To ensure high availability in Campus Fabric Architectures, EVPN multihoming utilizes __________ to avoid single points of failure.
A. Single connections
B. Manual interventions
C. Multiple redundant paths
D. Fixed routing protocols
Answer: C
8. Which three parameters should be provided through DHCP when using ZTP during a Mist AI greenfield deployment? (Choose three.)
A. NTP server
C. name server
D. IP address
Answer: A, C, D
9. How many days of data does the Mist cloud service store?
A. 2
B. 7
C. 10
D. 14
Answer: B
10. When viewing an individual switch managed in Mist, the Utilities drop-down includes which two testing tools? (Choose two.)
A. Perform Cable Test
B. Upgrade Firmware
C. Bounce Ports
D. Replace Switch
Answer: B, D

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