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What is the Easiest Way to Hit in MLB The Show 24?

Hitting the ball effectively is one of the most important skills in MLB The Show 24, as it's crucial for scoring runs and being successful in the game. While hitting a baseball is notoriously difficult even for the best players in the real world, there are some strategies that can help make it easier in the video game.


The first and most important tip is to use the Zone hitting interface. This interface gives you the most control over your swing, allowing you to move the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI) to target where you want to make contact with the ball. Compared to the more basic Directional or Timing interfaces, Zone hitting provides the best balance of control and responsiveness. This will help you get more victories in the next matches and get more MLB 24 Stubs rewards.


In addition to using Zone hitting, it's also recommended to switch your Hitting View to one of the Strike Zone options. This will bring the camera in closer to the plate, making it easier to track the ball out of the pitcher's hand and time your swing properly.


When it comes to your actual swing, it's important to be selective and choose the right type of swing for the situation. While it may be tempting to always go for power swings, a contact swing can be more effective when you need to put the ball in play, such as with runners in scoring position. Mixing up your swing types based on the game situation will help you make more consistent contact.


Finally, don't be afraid to take pitches and work the count. Getting ahead in the count will force the pitcher to throw more strikes, giving you better opportunities to get a hit. Patience at the plate is key to becoming a more effective hitter in MLB The Show 24.


By using the Zone hitting interface, adjusting your camera view, selecting the appropriate swing type, and being patient, you can significantly improve your ability to hit the ball in MLB The Show 24. With practice and the right approach, you'll be crushing home runs and driving in runs in no time.

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