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The house of Professor Shahriar, Tabriz; House of music and light

Almost all people of Iran are familiar with the unique and beautiful poems of Master "Shahriar" and have a special interest in this great Tabrizi poet. So, if you love poetry and literature like us, don't forget to visit the house of Master Shahriar of Tabriz during your trip to East Azarbaijan province and get to know his life and works closely.

In this report from Sehkalik tourism magazine, we are going to go to Professor Shahriar's house - which has now become a museum - and understand the mood of the professor's poetic life. Stay with us:

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Access to the house

The house of Master Shahryar of Tabriz or the Shahryar Museum is one of the famous attractions of East Azarbaijan province, which is located in the old area of Maghsodieh on South Army Street. To reach the museum, it is enough to go from Taleghani Street or South Army to New Citadel Street. Then, with a short walk, you will reach Maqsoodiye neighborhood. After entering Maghsoodieh alley, you can find Professor Shahriar's house at No. 21.

Introduction of different parts of the house of Tabriz professor Shahriar
Shahriar's poems and manuscripts: definitely, studying Shahriar's poems and manuscripts will be very interesting for his fans. In this place, you can visit the works and manuscripts of this precious poet and see his handwriting closely. Do not doubt that this pure and memorable experience will not be forgotten for a long time!

The handwritten version of the Qur'an in Shahriar's handwriting: There is an interesting fact about Master Shahriar that many people are still unaware of. This famous poet has written a copy of the Quran with a well-written script. It is not bad to know that most people know Shahriar as a poet and do not know about his talent and art in the field of calligraphy. You can enjoy his beautiful calligraphy works when you visit this museum.

Se-Tar Ostad: The three-string instrument of this great poet is kept in the museum of Ostad Shahriar in Tabriz. So be informed that Shahriar was also interested in music besides calligraphy and poetry and played the three strings beautifully. Maybe it was this sad and magical sound that made the tone of Shahriar's poems so calm, sad and passionate.

The house of Professor Shahriar of Tabriz
The beautiful and clean courtyard of the house: The courtyard of the Shahriar Museum of Tabriz is very clean and spectacular, and the color and mood of poetry, intelligence and love flow in its space. It is so relaxing and charming that you will never want to leave. Imagine standing in the yard of a traditional house and watching tall and beautiful trees; The pleasant aroma of colorful flowers fills your nose and there is an old porch in that corner. Do you want more beautiful than this?!

The interior of Ostad Shahriar's house in Tabriz: The interior of this house has no less than the exterior space and is as clean and beautiful as it is at the height of its simplicity. Even if you are not very interested in poetry and poets, you will be overwhelmed by its warmth and intimacy upon entering the house. It is as if Master Shahriar is still sitting there and reciting poetry to people with enthusiasm.

In the design of this house, brown, cream and red colors are used and this issue has given a certain purity to the environment. Even the furniture and accessories here are all simple and everything is intimate and beautiful, from paintings and calligraphy arranged on traditional windowsills to a small and old TV.

  By visiting this place, you can visit the personal belongings of Master Shahriar and get to know the life of the great Iranian poet. It is interesting to know that in the hall of this house there is still a mattress and a wide quilt and everything is arranged as if the owner of the house died long before our world.

Different photos from the life of the master: when you visit the museum of Master Shahriar in Tabriz, you can see an interesting collection of photos and paintings of Shahriar. These works were created in different periods of his life and today they are displayed in the basement of this house. Watching these photos will help you get to know the life and thinking of Professor Shahriar in a more detailed way and get to know him better.

Gifts that others have donated to the museum
This part of the house of Master Shahriar of Tabriz is dedicated to displaying exquisite and antique gifts. As you know, this great poet had many fans and was dear to many. For this reason, even after his death, valuable gifts were given to the museum and today it is in public view. For example, an Azerbaijani music group operating in Baku donated an original and precious violin to this museum. Also, an old and antique plate was donated by a Zanjani poet to the Ostad Shahriar Museum in Tabriz and everyone can visit it.

Reasons to visit the Shahriar Museum
Many believe that the Shahryar Museum is not just a museum and is considered one of the most different places to visit in Tabriz. The point that distinguishes this place from other attractions of the city is the charming atmosphere of the house and the spiritual presence of Shahriar in its place. Here, like other museums, it doesn't just accept a collection of sightseeing items, and life flows in it! That's why when you visit Shahriar's house, you will think that you are the guest of an old friend and you have gone to the house of a close acquaintance.

It is interesting to know that the space here is designed so intimately and without hypocrisy that even Shahriar's teapot and teaware can be seen in the same way next to his bed. As if he is still sitting there and warmly welcomes the guests! So never compare the atmosphere of this house with other museums.

Interesting and readable points about Shahryar
Professor Shahriar has a fascinating story to read. Many people know the important issues and sweet narratives of his life and are aware of the excuses of his poems; For example, the story of Shahyar's unrequited love for a girl named Soraya, which did not come to an end due to her family's unkindness. Also, the famous Thirteenth Night when Shahriar's old lover passes by with her baby and the whole world collapses on the poet's head. This incident is very famous in our literature and provides the spark to write Shahriar's beautiful poem: "I am the thirteenth of all the world today from the city, I myself am the thirteenth of all the world." But apart from the famous narratives that exist around Professor Shahriar, in the rest of this article, we will point out interesting issues that you probably don't know about.

Shahriar was originally supposed to be a doctor
Most of Shahriar's fans do not know that he first studied in medical school and was supposed to become a doctor. But at the same time, he falls deeply in love with a girl, and when he hears a negative answer, the course of his life changes. After leaving school, Shahryar wears the clothes of a poet and becomes one of the best poets of the country. Who knows what! Maybe if he had continued on his path and become a doctor, he would never have written such heartwarming poems and Iranian literature would forever regret "You came, my soul, to your sacrifice, but why now?"

Shahriar finally got married?
Today, few people are unaware of Shahriar's failed love story; But we must say that he continued his life and married his 21-year-old cousin at the age of forty and had three children. It is not bad to know that Shahryar mentioned his wife at least five or six times in his poems.

Attractions around Tabriz Ostad Shahriar Museum
Visiting the Museum of Master Shahriar in Tabriz takes about an hour. Therefore, you can visit other attractions around the museum before or after visiting this place:

Tabriz clock tower

  This historical tower is one of the most famous sights in Tabriz and is compared to the London Tower in terms of beauty! Therefore, we recommend that you plan your trip in such a way that you don't miss seeing the amazing Tabriz Tower! Professor Shahriar's house is only 10 minutes away from here.

Alisha Citadel
  If we are going to name the most spectacular historical buildings in Tabriz, we should definitely mention the Alisha Citadel. This beautiful place is only 1 km away from Shahriar's house and you can reach here by walking for only 13 minutes.

Mount Ainali Tabriz
  Traveling and having fun in a mountain resort will get rid of travel fatigue. If you want to visit a great resort with your family and go to the heart of nature, we recommend Mah Koh Ainali Tabriz. Fortunately, this place is only 10 km away from the museum.

constitutional house
The sights of Tabriz are inexhaustible and will satisfy every taste. If you are interested in the narrative of constitutional days and the fierce resistance of constitutionalists, you must visit Tabriz Constitutional House. This famous place, which used to be the venue for holding meetings and gatherings of constitutionalists, is less than 5 km away from Tabriz's Ostad Shahriar Museum.

Hotels near Shahriar House

When you travel to this city to see the sights of Tabriz, you must think about your accommodation in advance and book it. At the end of this report, we suggest that you definitely get a room near the tourist attractions so that you don't get into trouble and spend less time on the way to and fro. Sina Hotel, Sarai Hotel and Iday Hotel Tabriz are located a short distance from the house of Professor Shahriar Tabriz and you can experience a good stay in them.

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The house of Professor Shahriar of Tabriz, which today functions as a museum, is the third residence of this contemporary poet. Shahryar lived in this place for twenty years and died here. After the master's death in 1967, Tabriz municipality bought the house and turned it into a museum with the help of the deceased's family. If you happen to be in the beautiful city of Tabriz, we suggest that you definitely visit this beautiful house.

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