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October 29, 2009 at 11:03 pm

Chris says:

The fact that white guys are so popular across all races shouldn’t be a shocker.


Whether you are in Asia, S. America, the Middle East, or India if you are a women then the only race acceptable besides your own is white. European colonialism and centuries of economic, political and military might have conditioned almost every society on earth to consider connection to whites as the means of upward mobility and the standard for what is desirable. In Latin America (with the some exceptions in Cuba & Brazil), you realize that being dark skinned carries a stigma: its not a coincidence that the majority of successful Latinos have a lighter complexion. In India, even the poor look at you funny if you are dark-skinned (if you don’t believe me, then ask someone from Pakistan or Bangladesh, or even just S. India).


With regard to Asia, the desire for white features is even more ingrained. Hasn’t anyone ever noticed that 90% of anime characters look white? Or that the male leads in many programs and movies have much rounder features than is typical for Asians? But blacks and other races are usually represented by the most offensive stereotypes.


I want to thank OkCupid for posting this. I doubt if it will change anyone’s preferences, but its a great topic for discussion


October 30, 2009 at 12:59 am

Xin L Huang says:

just kidding? haha? trick or treat biatches. most people know how to protect themselves, one way or another. especially around all-hallow’s eve.. it turns out alabamians are just more violent about it than others………………………

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