Loan Management Tips

Ten Commandments Of Student Loan Management And Default Aversion
1 . Do not lose copies of your loan documents and repayment schedule(And note amount, overall cost and interest rate). 
2 . Be aware that you can switch to different payment plans(Budget your student loan payments). 
3 . Note the billing cycles of your loans monthly/quarterly.
4 . Remember to give lenders your correct billing address before leaving school.
5 . Remember to update all your lenders/billing service providers with address changes. 
6 . Know the correct billing service provider for each lender. 
7 . Promptly update your lender with any status changes(e.g. school status, unemployment) prior to your payment due date. Look for written acknowledge.
8 . If you return to school, follow up with each lender to insure that they have received your enrollment verification or deferment. Look for written acknowledge. 
9 . Keep track of who is holding your loan(s) and record the loan officer's phone numbers(If in doubt call your state guarantee agency). Please see your loan Default Manager for this  information if you do not have it. 
10 . Keep deferment status current with each lender.